Brands + People

“People are complicated. We come from different backgrounds and have our own unique beliefs, interests, and values. For brands, the question is how can we connect to a diverse group of people on a personal level at scale. At Banana Gray we help you answer that question.”

What we do

We develop customer acquisition strategies across digital media platforms. The experiences we create  put consumer focus on your brand and turns your audience  into loyal customers.

We manage campaigns on Google, Youtube,  Facebook , Spotify, Nextdoor and   Hulu. 


Whether you goal is to boost brand awareness, increase influence or drive traffic to your website or physical store, we deliver on expectations. We know how to attract and engage with passionate audiences.

Banana Gray Impact


When it comes to attracting audiences and moving them towards a common goal, we know how to compel them to take action. Our creative campaigns boost engagement and influence with ads that evoke emotion and establish a community with a common sense of purpose. 


We design authentic campaigns that form meaningful relationships between you and your customers. Relationships that build trustworthiness, loyalty and impact markets with top of mind awareness. Leave a lasting impression with ad experiences that are sure to be remembered.

How we do it

 Our multi-channel marketing approach helps brands expand reach, boost engagement and increase brand loyalty. 

Spotify Advertising

Make one to one connections with listeners during intimate moments and use the power of digital audio to influence your target audience.

Engage with  younger generations like Gen Z and Millenials. Target by listen habits, location, interests, and activities.

Nextdoor Advertising

Speak directly to verified home owners in  a brand safe environment. Target neighborhoods by homeownership, household income and location.  

Turn paid advertising into organic growth by tapping into the recommendation culture found in neighborhoods and local communities. 

Facebook (Instagram)

Raise your visibility with audiences that are passionate about your brand and ready to take action

Target consumers by demographics, interests, location, lookalike audiences and more on Facebook and Instagram.

Google (YouTube)

Drive traffic to your website with  Search ads and YouTube Ads. Increase phone calls and generate high quality leads

We do the research to identify competitors, traffic patterns and high impact keywords while managing the costs. Target your ideal audience and  acquire customers fast. 

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