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Tik Tok Marketing

Turn your target market into co-creators and  brand ambassadors. Collaborate with athletes and creators to build favorability, ignite engagement and impact purchasing decisions with Tik Tok ads.

Take advantage of Tik Tok's unique marketing proposition

1. Collaborate with influencers who can present your products and services from an “everyday user” perspective and share your brand message in a way that resonates with their followers.

2. Form connections with consumers that drive real impact by allowing them to actively participate with your brand message.

3. Leverage the trust college athletes have with their fanbase to make connections that turn into loyal customers.

4.  Create trend-driven organic content to increase brand awareness, generate leads and sell product with Tik Tok marketing.

Influencer Marketing

Partnering with influencers is an effective way to  expose your brand to new audiences. Influencers typically have followers that trust their recommendations about products and services and are more likely to act on influencer recommendations than typical ads.

Nano-influencers  – 1K to 10K followers

Micro-influencers  – 10K to 50K followers

Mid-tier influencers  – 50K to 500K followers

Macro-influencers  – 500K to 1 million followers

NIL Marketing

NIL marketing is a form of influencer marketing where brands collaborate with college athletes to expose their products and services to their fanbase through social media and other mediums. Athletes have a passionate following who value their recommendations.

Social media influencing

Promotional appearances

Autograph signings


Stats you can't ignore

64% of consumers buy a product after watching a Tik Tok creator video.

71% of viewers say that a creator’s authenticity motivated them to buy a brand.

2 in 3 shoppers say they get inspired to buy something on TikTok even when they’re not actively shopping.

Businesses that use TikTok ads see an average of 300% increase in brand awareness and a 200% increase in website traffic.

50% of TikTok users have bought something after watching TikTok LIVE.

Micro and mega influencers on TikTok had engagement rates of 17.96% and 4.96% respectively.

72.3% of US consumers have bought products on Tik Tok.

Partnering with creators boost view-through rates by 193%.

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Tik Tok Marketing

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