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Our approach to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing across Google properties is simple. Get the most ROI for your ad spend. Whether your goals are attract more visitors to your website, increase foot traffic to your store or generate more phone calls, our PPC marketing services will help you achieve your objectives.

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We conduct competitor analysis and in-depth research to compile a list of high performing keyword phrases that have a direct impact on your business. Based on your budget and objectives, we develop bidding strategies designed to help you meet your conversion goals.

Incorporating keyword grouping and long tail keywords, our PPC marketing strategies attract high quality searchers while  lowering costs.

Ad Creative

With a focus on ad relevance and quality score, our custom text and display ad creatives are designed to improve click through rates by targeting highly relevant keywords and phrases. 

We design the ad copy, write the headlines and create ad groups to organize your PPC ads and optimize them for targeting and bidding efficiency. 

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We examine the search terms that cause your PPC ads to trigger and use the data to regularly update your search keywords and negative keyword list.

Low performing ads and keywords  are removed and a robust bidding strategy is build around your high performing ads and keywords. New ads and keywords are introduced when necessary to keep your PPC campaigns fresh and converting at a high level. 


We integrate Google Analytics into your site and in combination with Adwords track and measure the impact of your PPC campaigns,

High quality metrics like impressions, clicks and conversions  give us a clear understanding of how your money is being spent and the necessary tweaks that need to be made to maximize campaign performance.

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Grow your business with Google Ads

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Search Advertising

Search advertising is a form of digital advertising that lets businesses place their ads infront of people when they use search engines for specific queries.  With over 86.6% market share in search advertising, Google Ads is by far the biggest driver of traffic to web properties.

Search is extremely powerful because it reveals a lot about purchase intent and what consumers want to buy at that moment in time. 65% of searchers click on Google Ads when making a purchase so incorporating search into your advertising strategy is essential for business growth.

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Display Advertising

Display advertising is a visual advertising format that lets you showcase your business to millions of people worldwide with banners, images video and audio. Display campaigns are shown on millions of websites, smartphones and apps and can help you capture a potential customer’s attention earlier in the buying cycle.

Build brand awareness around your product or service, drive sales, leads, and traffic for your business. Target specific websites that are relevant to what your company is offering, keywords used by consumers in search queries and incorporate user interests to personalize campaigns.

Local Services Ads

Local services ads connect your business with people in your local area who are searching for the products and services you offer. On average 75% of local searches end in a phone call and 50% of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a store within a day. Local services ads find people who are ready to become paying customers.  

Drive high converting traffic to your physical store, get phone calls, generate quality leads and pay only when someone contacts you directly through your ad. 

Get verified by Google and earn the Google Guaranteed badge to build trust and credibility with potential consumers. 

YouTube ads

YouTube Ads

YouTube is an online video sharing platform with a diverse user base of 2.6 billion monthly active users. It is the second most visited website  in the world with 95% of 18-25 year olds and 91% of 30-49 year olds using the platform to watch 1 billion+ hours of video everyday. YouTube is the king of video, and with the 70% of people saying they bought a brand as a result of watching a video on the platform, its power to increase purchase intent is unmatched. YouTube offers a plethora of ad formats to create compelling video campaigns. Available ad formats are skippable and non-skippable in-stream ads, in-feed ads, bumper ads, outstream ads and masthead ads.

Show personalized ads based on audience demographics, interests, activity, interactions with other advertisers and more.  

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Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads are a visual ad format that lets retailers promote their online and local inventory. 98% of global consumers shop online and shopping ads put your products front and center when customers are looking to buy products like yours.

Shopping ads account for over 60% of clicks for retailers and is a marketing channel that consistently delivers a high return on ad spend. Boost traffic to your store or website and generate qualified leads by putting high quality images and product information in your ads.


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Remarketing Ads

Remarketing, or re-targeting is an advertising tactic that targets ads to users who have interacted with your website but did not make a purchase. With remarketing you can entice them to return to your website with unique ads targeted by specific pages they have visited, products they have interacted with or specific actions they have taken.

An astounding 70% of users who click on remarketing ads are likely to convert. This makes  remarketing one of the most high converting, cost-effective tactics for acquiring new customers. 

What is included in our PPC marketing services?

Bid management. We determine  a bid strategy based on your goals and actively manage and adjust to get the most out of your ad budget.

Keyword research. In-depth analysis to uncover queries and relevant keywords to bid on that give your ads visibility when users are searching for products/services you offer.

Campaign setup/restructure. We conduct a deep analysis of your current campaign setup and optimize it for maximum ROI.

Dynamic keyword insertion. Insert relevant keywords that match user search queries.

Google analytics integration. Implement analytics data like conversion tracking, acquisition, location and behavior to make strategic decisions that improve PPC performance. 

Custom campaign design and development. We tailor campaigns to your business objectives. Analyzing and testing performance on a daily basis.

Creative development. We design ads that are consistent with your brand identity and increase strength and awareness across all advertising platforms.

Display/Retargeting. Show targeted ads to users who have engaged with your business  when they interact with other websites and apps.

Reporting. Monthly performance reporting and analysis. Analyze key metrics and conversion data. 

Customer match/Audience targeting. Target people based on specific interests,  and demographic information. Reach customers or people who have interacted with your website.

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