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Hulu Marketing

Increase viewability and build credibility by targeting households across generations when they are watching streaming TV. Put your brand in front of an audience that is attentive and in the  mindset to engage with your ads.

Take advantage of Hulu's unique marketing proposition

1. Hulu ads command more attention than user generated content or ads on social platforms. Target viewers who are more likely to interact with your ads.

2. Increase brand awareness and purchase intent. Effectively connect with your ideal customer through storytelling. 

3. Legitimize your brand by appearing on a premium streaming platform. Target cord cutters and go beyond traditional tv.

4. Hulu marketing helps brands boost conversions by delivering highly relevant and targeted ads to your audience.

Hulu Targeting Options

Demographics: Career, income, education, credit card users or people who donate to charity.

Platform & Genre Targeting: Choose the platform on which to show your ad. Show your ad only with specific content genres.

Interests: Target people based on activities, hobbies or lifestyle choices.

Ownership: Target people who have particular homes, cars or pets.

Behavior: Target people who are in the market for or have already purchased particular products or services.

Location: Country, state, DMA, zip code, age and gender.

Stats you can't ignore

Viewers watching content on demand pay 33% more attention to ads.

Hulu is 24% better than other forms of media at creating purchase intent.

Streaming TV helps to boost brand perception 32% more than traditional TV.

A 30-second video ad helps generate a 61% increase in “top of mind” awareness.

Over 80% of Hulu subscribers recommend brands to friends.

55% increase in ad recall.

Over 60% of Hulu subscribers watch content with ads. 

84% of 18-34 yr olds say streaming is their primary source for TV.

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Hulu Marketing

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