Nextdoor Marketing

Speak directly to verified homeowners in  a brand safe environment. Reach an  affluent and engaged audience looking for and sharing recommendations. Boost awareness and drive engagement with high purchase intent customers. Turn neighbors into brand advocates.

Take advantage of Nextdoor's unique marketing proposition

1. Target a verified audience in existing and competitive markets to eliminate wasted ad spend and ensure message relevancy.

2. Influence purchase decisions with highly valuable neighbor recommendations.

3. Show relevant messaging based on neighborhood and surrounding communities. Scale nationally with local personalization.

4. Become a trusted part of your local community and turn your neighbors into loyal customers with Nextdoor marketing.

Nextdoor Targeting Options

Location: Country, state, DMA and zip code.

Custom audiences: Match your  CRM lists and create custom audiences.

Interests:  Reach high engagement users by interest categories.

Demographics : Age, gender, household income and home ownership.

Stats you can't ignore

100% of neighbors are verified.

72% of Nextdoor users have been influenced by a business recommendation.

The average household income of Nextdoor users is $90k.

93% of neighbors are the main/joint household shopper.

96% of users have seen business recommendations.

89% of parents on Nextdoor value neighbor recommendations.

71% of Nextdoor users have shared a business recommendation.

1 in 3 U.S. households are active on Nextdoor.

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Nextdoor Marketing

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