How Generative AI will Change Digital Marketing

We grew up dreaming about a future where humans and machines communicate and interact seamlessly with each other. With the invention of virtual assistants like Siri, and humanoid robots like Ameca, what was once  considered sci-fi fantasy is now reality. Advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence have made the connection between humans and machines more natural than ever before. Generative AI, a technology that was once confined to the walls of companies like Google Labs and DeepMind, has been unleashed on the world in the form of consumer facing products like ChatGPT and Google Bard. Now, it’s not a far stretch to imagine ourselves sipping  a margarita on the beach with our newfound free time since virtual assistants will quite literally be doing our work for us. With a matter of clicking a few commands on our keyboards, we can churn out fantastic works of art, 10,000-word dissertations, and random haikus at will in a single evening.

The possibilities of this new reality are truly exciting, but come with an unsettling uneasiness, even fear, that Pandora’s box has been opened and nothing good will come from these this  modern conveniences. Look no further than the war being fought between the SEC and the crypto industry. We recall that most, if not all, of the movies centering around artificial intelligence end up being a threat to mankind or at least Sarah Connor. The underlying theme (hopefully, not prophecy) is that AI will eventually exterminate or subjugate mankind to save the world. Scary.

In its current infant state, the benefits seem to outweigh the bad.  The learning, the growth, the maturing is happening at an exponential rate, making AI safer and better. The most recent versions of Chat GPT, MidJourney, et al. are learning and improving at incredible speeds. There’s no doubt that each future generation will be magnitudes greater than the previous.

Super-charge Digital Campaigns with AI Tools 

Let’s put the technology-induced doomsday talk aside. Until it’s actually the end of the world, marketers need to figure out how to use the new toy/death ray to attract consumer attention and build a loyal customer base for brands.  After all, our future with Generative AI could usher in an era of human productivity unlike any we’ve seen before.

I can think of a few ways Generative AI can make the daily job of the digital marketer easier. High quality images, and written content for marketing campaigns can now be generated faster and more efficiently. Tools like Help Me Write in Google Bard can unlock creativity when a creator needs fresh ideas. Instant access to accurate information is the ultimate weapon in a digital marketer’s arsenal.  Banana Gray incorporates Generative AI to design digital campaigns that influence action, and exceed our goals and clients’ expectations.

An Intelligent Digital Marketing Assistant

No one can dispute the potential of artificial intelligence. It is something that storytellers have shared with us in their fantastic dreams for years. Many a hero has had an extremely intelligent computer-based sidekick who ends up giving them a timely piece of information that helps to save the world. If nothing else, they provided some comic relief.

Banana Gray sees Generative AI as that sidekick. It enhances our ability to achieve the incredible results our clients have come to expect. Our sidekick enables us to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time. It helps us move forward as fast as possible in an efficient way- leaping, juking, and pivoting when needed. It takes our creative intelligence and multiplies it exponentially. Now, instead of being one step ahead of the game we’re multiple steps ahead. 

The Banana Gray Advantage

There’s no doubt that with a technology this profound, many digital marketing agencies will embrace it. To the extent of being dependent on it to do their thinking for them. When we reach that point, Banana Gray’s advantage will grow, as will our clients’ success. 

We use artificial intelligence to make better and more informed decisions, suggest alternative strategies, and see possibilities we wouldn’t have seen on our own. It won’t think for us.

Whether you are a brand wanting to break into a new target market, an influencer trying to grow your following or a budding superstar athlete wanting to capitalize on NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) opportunities, you need exceptional results. You need an agency that works relentlessly to make sure you accomplish your objectives and reach your business goals. We strive for satisfaction, exuberance, and overabundance; not just meeting some KPIs. 

When you partner with Banana Gray, what you get is a (very specialized) human element. We create emotional connections and authentic experiences that are memorable and evoke a human response. Responses that lead brand awareness, increased influence and loyal customers. 

The disruption Generative AI is causing in digital marketing and other industries is quite impressive and Banana Gray is well positioned to take advantage of it. By extending our intelligence with artificial intelligence the campaigns we create take results to another level. Let’s work together to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships fuelled by success.

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