What is NIL marketing and how can it help your business grow?

nil marketing

NIL is an NCAA policy that allows student athletes to get paid for their name, image and likeness, which has given rise to athlete marketing. Brands can now expand their reach through the social channels of college athletes and drive campaign ROI. College athletes tend to have higher engagement rates than your typical influencer, boasting engagement rates between 10%-15%.

NIL marketing or athlete marketing is a form of influencer marketing that engages with college athletes to promote products and services to their fanbase. Athletes have a loyal and passionate following and unlocking the trust and loyalty they have built can help ignite business growth for your brand. Leverage these relationships to communicate your message on a more personal level and drive social media engagement and conversions. 

Types of NIL transactions

College athletes are hyperlocal influencers who present and unprecedented opportunity to increase brand strength by targeting marketing campaigns towards specific geographic locations. Their local popularity enables your brand to extend its reach into local communities, and both student and alumni populations.

Brands can collaborate with athletes and leverage the power of NIL marketing in a variety of ways.

  1. Social media promotion
  2. Autograph signings
  3. Appearances
  4. Speaking engagements
  5. Camps and lessons

Why athlete marketing works

The story of an athlete is one of hardwork and dedication. A story of trustworthiness and authenticity. A story followed by thousands of passionate fans. Along this journey an athletes’ following becomes exponentially larger and highly invested and engaged as they become entertwined with the success story from college to the pros. A story you want your  brand to be associated with. The ability to tap into this passion enables brands to engage their audience with genuine experiences and not come across as just another sponsored post.

NIL marketing is a game changer. Learn how our NIL Marketing strategies can help move the needle for your bottom line.

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