What is Paid Social Media and how can it grow your business?

social media advertising

Social networks are powerful, and the largest of them all is Meta/Facebook. Consider this, 2 Billion people use Facebook every day and 1.6 Billion people are connected to a business on the platform. If you are a brand looking to attract new audiences and increase conversions, paid social media can give you the visibility you need.

Paid social media, or Social media advertising is a form of paid digital marketing that involves running ads on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in efforts to engage new audiences. Advertising on social networks is extremely effect because you can use a wealth of targeting data like behavioral habits and demographics information to show relevant ads to your audience. Relevant ads mean more engagement and conversions.

Paid social media can significantly impact your business goals because it provides you with  tools like brand awareness, reach, engagement, traffic, lead generation and remarketing campaigns  to engage potential customers at multiple points of the buyer journey. 

The Benefits of Social Media Advertising

  • Drive website traffic and generate high quality leads.
  • Increase followers and  conversions at a reasonable cost.
  • Target people who are not aware of your brand.
  • Full control of how much you want to spend.
  • Expand your reach and find new audiences.
  • Convert people who are interested in the products or services you offer.
  • Create an engaged and passionate community around your brand.
  • Set parameters on how and where your ads appear.
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